Medical, Alcohol & Drugs Screening

Shannon Rail Services provides a pre-employment PTS medical and re-medical service. All medicals are compliant with Railway Group Standard GO/RT3358 and Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124.Our screening for alcohol & drugs abuse meets the appropriate Railway Group Standard GE/RT 8070 and Network Rail Company Standard NR/L1/OHS/051.


Medicals and alcohol & drugs tests are conducted at our medical suite at Watford and at clients’ premises or worksites by arrangement for an agreed minimum number of candidates. Our nurse practitioners are highly experienced and may refer to our Consultant Occupational Health Physician for specialist advice and opinion.

If you are a Network Rail Link-up approved company and a sponsor for PTS staff please contact us for availability of appointments (please note that we are not able to deal with enquiries directly from individuals). Full joining instructions will be sent at time of booking and it is essential that these are fully complied with as otherwise we will have no option but to cancel appointments for candidates who have arrived late or who have not brought the required documentation with them (fees non-refundable).